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Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 9:15 pm

Hello Julien!

Sorry for not responding sooner.

Thanks for listening and also for your kind words about it. That
"Egyptian orchestra" bit in Part 3 seemed like a good idea, but by the
time I got to the twentieth Tron pass I was heartily sick of the part!
The rest of it is fairly standard choir, three violins and organ pad
parts on the Tron.

Again, the punctuated part was a fun little thing that came almost as an
afterthough whilst I was writing it. I'm still ambivalent about the way
the guitar solo destroys the second silence, but perhaps the second time
round wasn't as effective as the first anyway and the solo didn't seem
to work as well any other way.

I think sometimes I probably overdo the number of parts and ought to
start ruthlessly editing things. Mostly I can hear clearly everything
that's there, but then I know it's there and know what to listen out for
(but sometimes it all just clumps into a big mushy mess, but then I'll
hear it in a completely different way to most listeners with listening
in great detail and many, many times over!). I do worry though about
whether there is reasonable separation between all the parts and whether
people can hear them: I don't really want it to be a monolithic wall of
sound, more a wall where, if you focus yours ears in, you can hear the
individual bricks if you want to, rather than just a big mush.

I was struck when listening to some Yes (some people would say that
served me right!) just how distorted the drums sometimes sounded. I've
seen it mentioned about other 70s mixes, that the engineers hit the tape
hard when tracking drums, for the sound and qualities the tape
saturation gave. I thought I'd give it a try and have a go at capturing
a bit of that old-school drum vibe. It did seem to give the drums a
little bit of extra presence to cut through the mix in the loud bits
where the drums were most full on (and hence distorting most).

Thanks again for listening. I've no idea when I'll get onto the next
sections -- I think I need a bit of a break from this piece and I have
one or two other projects where people are demanding my time. Plus, I
move about as quickly as an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping ;-)

Best wishes


Julien Claassen wrote:

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