[LAU] Until now Debian seems to be the right decision :), better performance than Ubuntu

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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Monday, May 30, 2011 - 5:10 pm

Hi all :)

thank you for the qualified advices.

I need to take a walk now and then a shower to calm down (I'm still
pissed off), but until now switching to Debian is worth the effort. The
GNOME2 performance of Debian stable is much better than of Ubuntu.

Pulse Audio is not installed by default :).
I only needed to correct /etc/default/rcS, regarding to a wrong UTC
setting, that perhaps was wrong, because of my fault.
I had to add repositories and copied some from a forum, I thin it out
and command most out.

What repositories should I use to set up a stable DAW? Btw. my list is
attached and I will compare it with your suggestions I already received
Is there a repository including JACK2 from svn?

Until now it's an upgraded, minimal system, just a stable install,
excepted of Evolution and dependencies, those are from testing.

At 16:40 my RME HDSPe AIO, KORG NANOKONTROL, an ADAT device and some
other stuff was delivered :), now, more than two hours later, neither
the new gear is unpacked, nor Debian stable is set up as an audio/MIDI

But the only really annoying thing is, that I had to reboot Ubuntu
Natty, because I wasn't able to adopt the Evolution files for Debian's

OT for LAU, but perhaps somebody knows what to do:

After copying
# cp
-pr /media/natty/home/spinymouse/.local/share/evolution /home/spinymouse/.local/share
# cp
-pr /media/natty/home/spinymouse/.gnome2/accels/evolution /home/spinymouse/.gnome2/accels
Evolution started with a manager to set up Evolution AND TO IMPORT
FILES, so I deleted what I copied before.
Unfortunately there was no option to import files, Evolution tried to
force me to set up a new account. This is completely idiotic, because it
should be possible to simply copy the files for equal versions of
Evolution, from one to another install.

Does anybody know how to import account settings and emails, resp. what
files I need to copy?



PS: To be fair. In several years using Linux audio/MIDI, Ubuntu Maverick
is the first completely working audio/MIDI workstation that fit to my
uncompromising needs, regarding to the usage of hardware MIDI. But it's
a no go that I'm unable to use the mouse wheel, that the DE performance
is less good etc..

For Debian I still need to set up a xorg.conf, hopefully it will keep in
good shape ;). I suspect many issues regarding to the way X is handled

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