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Date: Monday, May 30, 2011 - 3:49 pm

Hello everyone

Finally, I get to post some new music and more than just a short,
isolated part.

Parts 1 and 2 have been posted before, but for the first time are now
together as intended and with the added context of the third section.
All three parts are complete, but it's a work in progress insofar as
Parts 4 and beyond are yet to be completed (or even started in most cases).

It's just raw mixdowns with a little light limiting to raise the volume,
no post-processing besides that.

The titles are just vague working titles at the moment.

Beyond Triple Point [9.29]
(i) Theme From Our Old World
(ii) Vale Fanfare: A Change of State
(iii) Recrystallisation

FLAC (56.5 MB):

OGG (ogg7 | 14.0 MB):

MP3 (320 kbps | 21.7 MB):

The drummer spent a while woodshedding before we did the third section;
I think it was worth it but I swear if I hear the name Bruford again
he'll be on the receiving end of his timp mallets! The guitarist has
been his usual lazy-arsed self and hasn't bothered to practice (guitar,
bass or flute) and seems to think just buying new pedals and an EBow is
sufficient. Okay, so he's contributed an interesting part or two, but
he's still a lazy sod ;-)

I seem to have been on a year-long analogue hardware binge and between
synth noodling, redundancy, job-hunting and the time constraints of a
new job, have managed to write, record and mix the new section.

So, between all these excuses -- and necessary guitar amp repairs! --
release is several months later than was originally intended. In the end
though, it's been enormous fun and I think most, if not all, of the new
toys were played with in this new bit.

All tracked in Ardour and mixed with the usual LADSPA and LV2 plugins
(mostly EQ10Q, Invada and Calf) -- as always, a massive "thank you" to
all the devs.

I managed to grind my quad-core, 4 GB RAM machine to a halt during
mixing and even after lots of bounce-downs the CPU load was over 80% in
places: kitchen sinks are nice though, so I included a choice of them!

It's self-indulgent because it's pretentious. It's pretentious because
it's prog -- enjoy!



*Contains greater than 50% new music by running time.

This product is a significant source of Mellotron.

Contains 250% RDA of Mellotron.
Contains 65% RDA of odd time signatures.
Contains no software or digital synthesizers and no preservatives.

Best before: 1977.
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