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To: Linux Audio Users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Sunday, April 3, 2011 - 11:55 am

Ken's announcement that he is to give up trying to 'make it' in music
somehow spurred all sorts of end times worries which primarily revolve
round the fallout from the Japanese nuclear disaster which in turn is
widely speculated to have been caused by HAARP rather than being a
natural occurrence. It is my firm belief that Fukushima, the BP gulf
disaster, the sorry state of our environment and much of the 'control
system' could've been avoided had the free energy inventions of Tesla,
TT Brown, Henry Moray et al not been suppressed by Big Oil and other
vested interests since the early 1900's. This is of course mainly down
to pure greed as the energy industries would rather continue to rape
the planet rather than lose out on billions. Our universities have
also been complicit in this cover-up allowing lies about energy and
physics to continue to be propagated in the interest of the (once)
almighty dollar.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue of course if we want any
kind of future for our planet. Our politicians and governments are
totally corrupt and are paid off by the banks and Big Oil to do their
bidding and keep the profits rolling in so its not much use in looking
to them to do the right thing- same goes for the mainstream media.
That leaves us with the hope that we can educate the masses on our
energy alternatives whilst we still have something resembling a free
internet through email, mailing lists and social networks etc. These
same free energy technologies would also go a long way in helping to
clean up the mess caused by BP and other corporate monsters. People
can't demand an alternative they don't know exists so I kindly ask any
of you concerned about our future to help me in getting this info out
there by getting these links out to as many people as you can and also
downloading these videos and e-books should they get removed so we can
upload them elsewhere.

How to make a simple Bedini motor - use magnetics to charge car
batteries etc. I'm just about to put one of these together myself.


Infinite Energy - But not for the Masses… this is the best free energy
presentation I've seen.


Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices - this is the best free e-book
on the topic I'm aware of.


PESwiki - Pure Energy Systems wiki is devoted to open source free
energy tech news


The planet, the human race and myself thank you deeply for your
support in getting the truth out there.

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