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Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 7:05 pm

James Morris wrote:

Never, because from the monosynths (hardware and software) I've got and
my understanding of synths, I wouldn't consider that monophonic
behaviour. To my mind that would be exhibiting two-note polyphony (not
duophony) as it would be allowing two notes to sound at once, the
release of one overlapping the attack of another.

Depending on the architecture/settings of the synth (and assuming legato
playing, as stated in the question) I would expect either the envelope
to retrigger when the new note is played, or the SUSTAIN stage of the
old note to continue whilst the new note sounds and the release stage to
only activate when I release the last note (i.e. the envelope doesn't
retrigger until the key is fully released).

Having said that, reading the manual, I have a synth which exhibits a
third behaviour, dubbed legato off, where the envelope is retriggered
from the current envelope level (whichever ADSR stage it is at), rather
than retriggered from 0 V every time. This is the Moog Little Phatty. To
be honest, I only ever use the LP in legato mode.

I have two synths that are switchable between legato and retrigger: one
will only ever get used in retrigger because it would be quite a pain in
the arse to change the settings and the other I think so far has only
ever been used in legato mode -- it just suits the way I play, if I want
retriggering, I play staccato and tweak the release to suit the speed of

Having said that, I have one synth that only retriggers (ARP Axxe) and I
just live with it, but where I have the option I tend to prefer legato

> b) the old note to cut and the new note play?

Yes, when considering the pitch (see my first comment above regarding
monophonic behaviour) with one caveat. That is, assuming that the second
note is capable of triggering under the note priority the synth is set
to. (The Axxe actually has the behaviour that if you play notes above
the one you're holding, it will retrigger the note you're holding, being
low note priority.)

In terms of the filter envelope and amp envelope (and any other
envelopes there may be) properties of the note, as stated above, it
depends on whether the synth is set to retrigger the envelopes every
time a note is pressed.


Sorry, I've no experience with single-shot samples, so can't comment.

> ---

For 1b, your expectation is a nicety, sure. For 1a, I wouldn't expect
that choice.

As always, other people's fuel consumption may vary.

Hope this helps.

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