[LAU] Music Made WIth Linux: The Infinite Repeat - The Speeding Train

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Date: Friday, April 1, 2011 - 10:23 am

Dear all,

My entry for the KVR One Synth Challenge 26

*The Infinite Repeat - The Speeding Train*

As the One Synth Challenge rules dictate, all the instruments, sounds
and noises are generated by ZynAddSubFX. Well, almost, because as Linux
users we have some more choice than on other platforms. So I used 11
ZynAddSubFX-DSSI plug-ins in Qtractor together with 3 separate Yoshimi
instances for the voice patches that use the PADsynth engine (apparently
the DSSI plug-in can't handle those patches). I used seq24 to trigger
everything and Qtractor for mixing and a bit of mastering. Some external
effects were allowed, given they are freely available and don't alter
the original sound (so no phasers, choruses etc.). For this track I used
Calf gates, Calf EQ, SWH SC3 sidechain compressor, AMB panner, Calf
Vintage Delay, Freeverb reverb, Invada Stereo compressor and a fast
lookahead limiter.

Voice patches I used:
- SuperSaw (Paul Nasca)
- Extreme (Will J. Godfrey)
- Bass 2 (Paul Nasca)
- Eeooww (Will J. Godfrey)
- Drumkit (Paul Nasca, tweaked and layered, the snare sound consists of
4 or 5 different snare sounds)
- Snare 1 (M?sterious)
- Soft Kick (AutoStatic)
- 8 Bit Car (M?sterious)
- Soft Ahh (Will J. Godfrey)
- Wind and Surf (Will J. Godfrey)
- Binary Piano 2 (Paul Nasca)

The track was composed and sequenced on the train when commuting to and
from my work. Hence the title.


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