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Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011 - 11:56 pm

Am 05.03.2011 20:47, schrieb Kim Cascone:

this engineer is badly prepared and/or illadvised.

It is perfectly possible to run a real-world recording-session under
Linux without running into any tech trouble that would make a showstopper.

Simple rules that work for me:

1.) test your setup with any scenario, you can think of.
2.) do not do anything that is untested

Yes there are scenarios, that escape the range that can be tested.
Combination of plugins, tweaking presets for synths or FX. I use to
limit the frustration of musicians I work with by implementing another 2

1.) save often, save early.
2.) make sure, that regardless whatever could happen, you can make the
basics work(again) within less that a minute.

I had a situation, when the HD-controller of my main machine was simply
broken with a bunch of musicians waitig to record actually doing the
soundcheck. It took me only a little more than a minute to make all the
absolutely needed functionality up and running on my Laptop.
We had fairly listenable results that night:

One cannot go to the limits of what is possible under Linux. But the
remaining 60% of the opportunities exceed the real needs of many
productions in the real world.
I had more than one situation, in that musicians told me: "Come on,
dude, switch off these FX-crap, thats not, what we sound like..."

> chasing down the

A commercial studio that is out to compete with top-notch competitors
would need a quite radical concept if it shall run on Linux only. Every
client, that would be ready to pay for a production, would need to be
confronted with the limitations such a studio would have.

A studio that wants to accept any paying costumer would be wise to have
a spare MacBook with Cubase or Logic.

So having a nice small studio for individual productions in a more
artistic manner with Linux only: YES!
Having a all-purpose industrial-grade production-facillity with Linux
only: Better not.

best regards



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