[LAU] <= 500 euro linux/barebones laptops for audio?

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Date: Monday, March 21, 2011 - 11:57 pm

Greetings all,

I'm planning on ordering a laptop this weekend for writing music and
such while away from my desktop.

Now, while I'm budgeting for around about 500 euro, my gut tells me
that I won't be getting fantastic hardware for that money.
"But wait Andrew! We don't know what you'll be using this for!" I hear
you say, so I'll just quickly outline what I plan on doing:

In short, I don't need a tremendously amazing audio card, with high
quality mic preamps coming out its wazoo, as I'll be working
exclusively in the digital domain
(linuxsampler/bristol/zyn/yoshimi/ams) via an externel midi
In addition to that, I'd rather not have a windows OS pre-installed on
it, but rather it be powered by linux from the get go (ideally) or
just a hunk of pre-assembled hardware.
RAM I guess is a moot point, the more the better.... but 1GB would be
a minimum..

Should I provide more info, or is what I'm asking outside the range of
what's commercially available? (I dread the thought of having to build
a laptop from scratch, to be perfectly honest)

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