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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011 - 2:11 am

Y-ellow S.M. 'n' all.

At 07:10 PM 3/18/2011 -0400, S. Massy wrote:

> From the above, I infer that what you're after is a "proof of concept"

Yes that's pretty much exactly what I'm saying. And what I've been trying
to do all along. But for one reason or another, this approach hasn't
worked. I've never been able to get LSP working at all. I had fluid working
at one stage but on a distro who's network was a notwork. Which meant I
couldn't get anything into it. And so far, I've found nothing that can
create or edit samples and banks from scratch. In SoundFont format or
anything else for that matter. This is of course, as important, since I'm
not about using pre-existing samples here. I have a bunch of Yamaha
ROMplers if I wanted to do that. I need to be able to edit and audition
samples and settings.

Having said all that, I got Fedora 14 installed on the test-bed last night.
That's as far as I've got but so far so good. I'm quite pleasantly
surprised with Fedora. I've been avoiding it because I quickly grew to hate
RedHat back in the bad-old-days. I went through the usual bunch of distros
back then until I finally discovered slackware and it was a match made in
heaven. I really took to it's BSD-like architecture. Although in more
recent versions, they've conceded to including a replica of the convoluted
rc.d structure that Debian and RedHat use. It's all SymLinks though so I
can usually ignore it unless I need to try and load an RPM or something.
That usually ends in tears but that's another story.

I had some networking issues with Fedora. I thought... "Oh no. Here we
go..." But actually it was just a firewall issue and everything is chugging
along reasonably well. Though it's a bit slow and bumpy. I can live with
that. Later today I'll try and get the CCRMA repo to work. Fingers crossed
but I have a good feeling about this one. With any luck I'll get the test
bed I need.

So thanks to all for bearing with me. I'm most grateful. I'm really hopeful
that I'll be able to nail down an entirely linux based studio at the end of
all this and not have to look back for the rest of my life. And to be able
to go out and play without having to worry about whether bloody windows
will crash in the middle of a gig.

Thanks again.

Be absolutely icebox.

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