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Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 10:59 am

G'day LAUs

Back in January you may remember Sim laid down the setup for the Open
Source Musician Tunestorm 04 Uncompetition
I'm here to share the results with those that may not have heard the live
broadcast, or listened to the subsequent podcast.

Just to recap:

Tunestorming is an uncompetition. Each participant creates their own music
to the same broad guidelines, until the grand submission date when we
each show and tell what we did. Tunestorm 04 was sample-based, whereby
all participants started with the same sample provided by Sim, and built a
creation incorporating the given sample.

In order of submission date, the participants and their results are below,
with the original sample that started it all. The links are direct
downloads of the pieces in the format they were originally uploaded to
Soundcloud (some flac, some ogg). If for some reason you prefer to stream
a tune or want more info, drop "download" off the end of the link.

Provided sample - http://db.tt/nMBjufE

Mike Holstein - TS04

pneuman - pulse
pneuman's comment: Track recorded quickly for the Open Source Musicians
Tunestorm04 challenge. The only sound in here is the original sample; I
chopped and looped it in Specimen, ran it through some distortion effects,
and then in to PHASEX for filtering (controlled by a Korg nanoKONTROL) and
then through some more effects (chorus/delay). Recorded and mixed in

Stuzz - Ass In, Ass Out
Stuzz's comment: For Tunestorm 04. The sample was shoved into specimen and
then looped over a small portion to create the monotonous drone. The rest
is bits and pieces thrown together to make the monotonous slightly less
so. Recorded with Ardour3.

falkTX - Claudia
falkTX's comment: The sample is used for the kick and bass. Piano sound
generated by linuxsampler (maestro_concert_grand_v2.gig), using
non-sequencer for the notes. Beat done in Renoise, with using some basic
ladspa effects.

Watch this space for details of the upcoming Tunestorm 05 -

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