Re: [LAU] a lot of xruns after upgrading from ubuntu 8.04 to, 10.04

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Date: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 7:42 pm

On 02/02/2011 08:29 PM, Kim Cascone wrote:

Hello Kim,

Try Yoshimi. ZASFX is notorious for generating xruns.

> current settings: RT=true; Priority: 89; Frames: 1024; SR: 44kHz,

89 is too high, it's better to run JACK with a prio around 70. Now
JACK's watchdog thread I running prio 99 which might cause problems with
other processes running that prio.

> -- I'm using the 2.6.36-3.dmz.2-liquorix-686 kernel

Yoshimi doesn't suffer from this issue either.

> settings in my limits.conf file:

They should be commented out in your /etc/security/limits.conf file (or
don't exist at all in that file) but exist in your
/etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf file.
The lines used to get added to the limits.conf file but recently a lot
of distro's moved to adding them to the audio.conf file.


JACK parameters alone won't help you set up an xrun free audio
environment, it takes some more: (that
wiki page is continously being updated, so if it contains any errors
please let me know)



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