Re: [LAU] Can't get sound from minicomputer

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Date: Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 12:59 am


Well, Minicomputer doesnt make any connections to soundcard or midi, you
need something like qjackctrl for it. Midinotes (keyboard, sequencer)
goes to the minicomputer Midi port, Program changes to the miniEditor
port. Midichannels are fixed on 1 till 8.
Best start is to load a multi to get sound running, there are many
volume regulations in Minicomputer, first the oscillator volumes, the
filters themselves have volume knobs (actually each one has two between
you can morph), the amplifier with its envelope and at the end the
output volumes.

But yeah, the initial setting, meant to be safe, is irritating and
subject to change in a forthcomming update.


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