Re: [LAU] Jack fallback to alsa when firefire device off?

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To: Mike Cookson <cook60020tmp@...>
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Date: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 2:42 pm

2011/2/17 Mike Cookson :

> There is not mistake. Each way has advantages and disadvantages. As for me - when i work with pro audio software, i don't like to lost jack-less applications, like web browser.

I think you missed my point. I didn't say that you should lose audio
from such applications. I said that introducing a layer of the
complexity of PulseAudio in order to do this, when there are other
options available seems like a mistake to me. I cited my specific case
where I listen to a variety of non-JACK-aware audio applications all
day, via JACK, but without using PulseAudio because I don't need any
of the (fairly cool) PulseAudio features or its complications.
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