Re: [LAU] 2 q's re paulstretch compile using liquorix kernel

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Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 9:01 pm

Kim Cascone wrote:

> so 2 questions:

The mad.h header has nothing to do with your kernel. Its purely a user
space header file.

Anyway on a debian or ubuntu machine you can do:

erikd > apt-file search include/mad.h
libmad0-dev: /usr/include/mad.h

> q2: where can I get a copy of the 'mxml.h' file? which is not on my hard

erikd > apt-file search include/mxml.h
libmxml-dev: /usr/include/mxml.h

Not sure what distro you're using but your probably looking for packages
named something like libmad0-dev and libmxml-dev.

Erik de Castro Lopo
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