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Date: Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 11:54 am

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll move the
context-sensitive popup menus into the main version --
I assume that's what you mean by right-click menus?

The looped play stuff is broken -- I hadn't noticed
the problem. I'll also add some mouse-oriented way
to play from the cursor.

For multichannel files, you can set the 'unite' and
'sync' buttons and all channels will be displayed
and acted-upon together -- is that what you have in

On the zoomed FFT -- it's been on my TODO list for
about a decade. You can drag the frequency (x) axis
to zoom in on the lower frequencies, and there's a
complicated way to zoom using the spectro* variables.
To dump the current spectrum to a text file, you
can use the peaks function:

(peaks "")

for example. Anyway, I'll get to work on this
stuff; GUI here I come (sigh)... Thanks again!

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