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Date: Friday, February 11, 2011 - 9:43 am

Am 10.02.2011 21:00, schrieb Bill Schottstaedt:

Thanks to you for asking us so kindly for wishes regarding Snd!

> If any of you have the

I do not think, that Snd is too hard to use. Given its plethora of
capabilities it cannot and should not be made much more simple without
sacrifying flexibility I guess.

It is indeed hard to configure. Too hard for even an advanced beginner.

So if this could be possible without too much effort I would be very
very happy about a distribution of Snd, that allows to switch all menues
and modules that Snd can actually handle on in a simple
pereferences-dialogue. And that these menues actually pop up and work as

Examples: I´d like to have that rightklick-menu for regions that allows
them to be played looped. LADSPA-Modules can be applied in real time and
their parameters can be automated in Snd, if this works in any recent
distribution without any hassle -- great!

So simply put: If Snd could handle everything it has to offer in any
distribution, that would be great and a vast improvement.

Some 2 or so small wishes also:

1.) It would be nice, to have a play-cursor as known from most
Wave-Editors like Mhwaveedit or Ardour.

2.) It would help to have a little switch, that allows to treat all
channels in a multi-channel-file as one, so one can work more easily
with stereofiles.

3.) to have a rightklick-menu entry that allows to save a region or a
marked section to a new file with the opportunity to render effects etc
to that file...

> My main interest is in the sound

I use it for manipulation of sounds. Especially the granular-synthesis
is priceless :-)
And I store my results by recording Snds output with qarecord via jack
and edit the recorded material with Mhwaveedit...

> I almost never

best regards and thanks again for Snd -- the program that made me stay
with Linux 10 years ago, since it showed me, that really interesting
things *can* be done with Audio under Linux ;-)



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