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Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 3:52 am

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 10:15:07 PM Fons Adriaensen did opine:

> On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 06:24:13PM -0500, gene heskett wrote:

Its been yonks, as in decades, and not in stereo, but a locked oscillator,
and yes, even then I was surprised at the quality. Which I felt at the time
could be largely attributed to the fact that the usual diode detector was
being pumped by the locked oscillator, getting rid of the very non-linear
detection characteristics from only having 3 or 4 volts of drive at dead
carrier levels in the average radio. I think much of the same advantages
can be had by a 4 quadrant multiplier type of detector, which separates the
signal from the LO but gives what may be mathematically provable to be
essentially identical except for the noise being in stereo in your example.
Something built around the MC-1495 would be a good starter point, although
I don't think its as linear as can be designed in discrete parts running in
an oven.

I'd consult with Bob Pease at National Semi., but his penchant for driving
an old VW bug eventually wrote his obit about a year back.

> Regarding IM distortion, I've found that in many cases the

Oh my yes, lost track of the times over the last 60 years. And yet its
rare enough to catch me up sometimes till I've slept on it.

One other instance comes to mind, one of my employees had built an audio
board for the tv station, using 'raysistors' for the switching elements
ostensibly because the switching they could do was silent, unlike the
relays & switches of the day (1984). But at nominally +4dbm through them,
the intermod was pretty obvious. I pleaded for & bought a 12 + 4x a
channel input multiplier (48 in, 12 of them mics) board from Logitech that
used lamps & cds cells, much quieter intermod specs. But it was loaded
with enough 5532's that a cop of coffee sitting on it was nothing but 1/4"
of mud in the bottom in 2 hours. That heat killed the cds cells by the
grocery bag full. A couple 5" rotrons to suck out the hot air cut that
down to 1 or 2 a year, and some clip-on heat sinks helped the 5532's last
for years.

We ran that board till the digital switchover in mid 2008, 5.5 years after
my watch that officially started in Oct '84 was officially over. I think
Russ (the owner) grabbed it and sent it to one of his radio stations that
needed a board. It was too big for our satellite uplinking production
truck so it still has a 4 channel toy board in it IIRC.

> Ciao,

Cheers Fons, Gene
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