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Date: Saturday, December 17, 2011 - 5:40 pm


In the course of the year I did a couple of applications that I'm pretty
proud of. For some good reasons, I've withheld releasing them publicly
until now:

Ivory - a multi-touch, virtual MIDI keyboard controller

This was originally intended as a proof of concept, but
was so much darn fun that I pushed it to a beta-level

I don't recall if it works with a mouse or not... but
it's not nearly as cool with a mouse.


proaudio-sound-control - one-stop shopping for Jack and Alsa control

This is a mash-up of QJackCtl and QasMixer. It discards
the GIMP-like multi-window interface of QJackCtl (which
is a major pain on a mobile device). It also adds direct
access to hardware mixer controls by re-casting QasMixer
as a widget inside QJackCtl. Say way you want about the
visual style of QasMixer, but it's the most complete GUI
interface to ALSA I've found.


CAVEAT EMPTOR: This code is released AS-IS, and I have no plans to
maintain them. It's released in the hope that someone can benefit from

DEMO: There's a video here that demos these on the Indamixx 2 (at the
MeeGo conference last spring)


If you're in a hurry, fast-forward to about 1:13. It mostly demos
Ivory... but you also get brief views of proaudio-sound-control while
Tony is switching windows.


[1] For proaudio-sound-control... if someone decides to continue this
concept, you'll want to have a chat with me first. It works, but
is implemented in an unmaintainable way.
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