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Subject: [LAU]
Date: Friday, December 16, 2011 - 7:38 pm


I want to share a radio broadcast test talk among with some background
music which is akin to binaural waves. You can find the recording here:

I am not a musician and this was my first try with lmms and audacity.

The talk is in Turkish which I originally sent to our google group:
I will translate it to English.
Beware: It is a chaotic free association!

Good morning dear listeners!
Be ready to say hello to the new day with our slightly loony radio!

Today we are going to discuss birds. According to the statistics the
case of turning into a bird is observed more commonly among higher
educated, lonely or unemployed people. Another more interesting
statistic tells us that people who were born in winter have a 10% more
probability of turning into a bird compared to people born in the

If you still feel sleepy, listen to this! Experts say babies whose
mothers had flu on the second phase of their pregnancy have a higher
probability of borning as a bird.

Friends, before I leave you alone with music, I would like to mention
the symptoms of being a bird so you will be aware. Birds are extremely
careless. They may make cyclic movements akin to tics. It is also note
worthing that birds have decreased emotional senses and lack of eye

Last but not least, birds who destroy the barriers of their ego, *laugh*
when they talk about birds they suspect or fear.

Thank you for your patience!
Coming from Erkin Koray in this sunny Mayugust morning! Şaşkın[1]

[1]: http://fizy.com/#s/1aibkp

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