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To: Vytautas Jancauskas <unaudio@...>
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Date: Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 12:26 pm

Hi Vytautas!
Nothing against originality as such, but not just for its own sake. I think
Louigi wasn't advertising ripping othe people of or just making yourself a
copycat, but being allowed to take things, to learn from others, use a good
sound from someone else, if you feel, that it's absolutely the right thing for
you and your piece.
As for reusing themes: it has certainly been done in the baroque era and
probably before that and after that time. I find, that I sometimes enjoyd it
very much, exactly because the musicians made those tunes their own.
So there's a point for both, though probably not both from the same musician
at the same time, if you feel the need for it. Well if you were doing so, you
could as well form a cover band and be happy with that. Nothing dispicable
about that either, if it is done well. :-)
Best wishes

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