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Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 4:31 pm

Guitarix release guitarix2-0.20.0

After much code shuffling, refactoring and testing we are happy to
release "whizzing abacus" guitarix2-0.20.0. Thanks to all testers and
special thanks to rosea grammostola for his patience.

Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for jack, with effect modules
and an additional stereo effect chain.

Please refer to our project page for more information:


new features and bugfixes in short:

* important bugfix: convolver (cabinet, presence) in 0.19.0 only
worked when samplerate was 48000Hz
* avoid connect already connected ports
* always save state on exit (in earlier versions state was not saved
when presets where selected)

* separation of engine and UI
if you always wanted to use Guitarix headless or embedded, now
there's a chance :-)
* now its possible to set the reference pitch of the tuner
* remember currently selected preset in guitarix state file
* display selected preset / factory preset in window title and patch
info window
* updated factory settings from funkmuscle
* reworked guitarix operation under a jack session manager
* error popup window in addition to existing logging facility
* command line option to set instance name (determines jack client
names and state file to use)
* some more work to support localization
* upgraded to zita-convolver version 3
* other smaller changes and clean-ups

download site:

please report bugs and suggestions in our forum:

here you can find a couple of examples produced by guitarix users:

have fun


For extra Impulse Responses, guitarix uses the zita-convolver library,
and, for resampling we use zita-resampler, both written by Fons


We use the marvellous faust compiler to build the amp and effects and
will say thanks to

: Julius Smith

: Albert Graef

: Yann Orlary

guitarix development team
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