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Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 6:21 pm

Le 17/10/2011 21:43, Edward Diehl a écrit :

Hi Edward,

sorry for the long book, it may help ?

upthere a link that you may like, to dig, and down some useful commands,
they are the kind of 'howto-reminder' made for the "ok, let's format /,
I f***** it up again" man than I am !!

For your DSP excessive use, you may pay attention to :
-never use PulseAudio, have only ALSA (and Jack))))
-check if Jack settings and IRQ prios are ok
-killall services and daemons that you don't use for making music (web,
print, automount, bluetooth...)
-not share IRQ with video
-record audio (Ardour session in fact) in another HD than programs if
you can
-use a light weight WM (Gnome or Kde are too much "power eaters")

Let me know, I think about trying AVLinux soon (next f***** up near I
feel))) and like to read your advice on it with some settings done !!
HTH, Good luck,

# commands #

ulimit -l will tell you how much memory you can lock

ulimit -r will tell you at what realtime priority you can run software

uname -r will tell which kernel is on use

lspci list the chips

lsmod list modules loaded at boot

dmesg read the bootlog

lsi -v|grep audio list audio chipset

ps -eo cmd,rtprio will list all the realtime priorities for all your

# maybe too much services started ?
ls /etc/rc2.d list daemons started at boot

# 2.6.29-rt1 = good kernel for P4!

# Maybe you share an IRQ with video ??
ps -eo cmd,rtprio will list all the realtime priorities for all your
cat /proc/asound/cards will show the IRQs for your cards
cat /proc/interrupts list IRQs

# RT prio goes like this :
99 watchdog
90 sound card
70 Jack
60 Ardour

# at the end of /etc/security/limits.conf (depending your distro,
sometimes elsewhere or autogenerate when install Jack) add the
following (with sudo gedit ie)

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
#@audio - nice 10

#nice value has nothing to do with real time or latency, forget it !

# jack settings
I record tracks in Ardour with these Jack settings, and it was fine :

-R -P89 -p128 -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p128 -n3 -D -Pplughw:0 -i2 -o2 -Xseq

Then I try to mix with many plugins, and due to the "formidable" PC I use,
Ardour don't want to do anything...

So, thanks Ralf, I fixed QJackCtrl settings to :

-R -P89 -p128 -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p512 -n2 -D -Pplughw:0 -i2 -o2

# you can record several settings in QJackCtl...
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