Re: [LAU] integrating linux+osx boxes?

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Date: Monday, October 17, 2011 - 8:40 pm

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> > Using netjack on the mac ... how?

Thankyou for the tip.

> shell-scripts can be copied easily over to other systems or OS. I don't

It seems that you can't - even between different session hosts on linux. :(

> Personally I prefer a shell-script in the work-folder to a session-dir

Couldn't agree more. I store everything related to a project together. Sometimes even binaries and plugins. You're mad if you don't. "Stark-raving-lunatic-asking-to-lose-data-at-the-most-inconvenient-moment". Been there.

Thanks for the detailed reponse, btw. I figured qtractor wouldn't be there, but that leaves me with the problem of Rosegarden. Or at least a cross-platform notation/MIDI/sequencing headache. I'll ask on the rg list.

Shane Richards
Producer, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist
Josh Music
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