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Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 2:24 pm

Hi evyerone,

I created this PPA a while ago for my personal use, but thought I would share :)
It is for Ubuntu Oneiric and have:
- the latest SVN of LinuxSampler
- the latest SVN of Jack2
- the latest SVN of LV2Core, LV2Extensions and Ingen
- the latest SVN of Hydrogen
- a few LV2 plugins

If you have a few requests for more, don't hesitate to ask!


P.S for David Robillard: some of the packages from your code are not
properly created, or at least not to your specifications (I'm thinking
especially of Suil).
But I have a few excuses:
- my PPA packaging skills are not that good, and I wasn't sure how to
follow your specs.
- I saw the specs only after I created the packages...
- and let's be honest, I'm lazy :) It was just way simplier to create
one package than 3 :)
Hope you don't mind!
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