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Date: Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 10:26 pm

Hi all! Q, thanks for your comments. Since this project was done mostly for
a friend (Julien), and to prove to myself that I could do an entire project in
Linux, it wasn't really up to the greatest performance standards. I should
have spent much more time, but didn't. That may be part of your lack of
inthusiasm for "Jesu". It was my least favorite also, as I didn't spend
as much time with it, and nearly enough time putting the arrangement together,
let alone the recording.
I didn't normalize or anything, since I was afraid if I took any more time
with details I wouldn't get it finished at all! :-) Now, I can be a bit more
calm about finer detail, and plan to be.

The chimes were part of the Theatre Organ (Wurlitzer perhaps, but there are
ranks from several there). The classical organ has chimes as well, but not
nearly as nice. Even without knowing Bach specifically, you might be able to
differentiate the two organs enough, and each instrument stays with
its own song throughout, and each half of the arrangement highlights a more
version of the other piece. Anyway, so much for mixing genres to an extreme!
:-)I'm glad you enjoyed them. Thanks again.

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