[LAU] pd-l2ork 20110105 snapshot now available

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Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 6:01 am

Please pardon cross-posting.

*fixed segfault when doing to-front/back without any object being selected
*added enabling/disabling menu options when appropriate (e.g. cannot cut/paste if nothing is selected)
*bound relevant canvas actions to the menu actions so that they can be invoked only if the menu actions are enabled (e.g. cut/copy/paste etc.)
*requires further testing
*relevant menu options reflect changes across all Pd windows (e.g. duplicate)
*added special behavior for the cut/copy/paste menu in the root window
*added previous window to the Window menu

Latest snapshot is available from the usual place:

Complete changelog since 11/25/2010 is available here:

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