Re: [LAU] Card advice: M-aud. Fasttrack vs. Rol. UA25EX vs. ?

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Date: Monday, January 31, 2011 - 12:16 am

Julien Claassen wrote:

I'm by no means an expert on this, but from what I've read you should
not make any assumptions about USB sound cards based on similar devices,
possibly based on similar chipsets, that are PCI devices. Whilst
chipsets may be the same, there can be problems relating to transmission
of data over USB when it comes to USB2.

I do have an M-Audio FastTrack Pro which I bought for use with a
netbook, but ultimately I've never actually used it as a USB soundcard
so can't comment about that. I just use it as a pair of pre-amps into
the analogue inputs of my M-Audiophile 24/96 for my synths (I use the
SPDIF inputs/outputs with offboard ADC/DAC for mic input/monitoring).

I think I recall from when I was researching USB soundcards that the
FastTrack works okay, providing you don't expect high throughput, in
other words it works fine for USB1 but not USB2: according to the ALSA
wiki the FastTrack Pro only has a reduced channel count at anything
greater than 16/48. But I'm only going by what I recollect reading, not
by experience.

From experience, I would agree with Ronald about the FastTrack Pro's
pre-amps -- they're noisy as hell (but I've never had the other one to
compare, I'm going against my Focusrite TwinTrack pre-amps). Most of my
synths are fine running through it as the S/N ratio is pretty good: but
with my string synth (a late 70s Logan String Melody II which seems to
have a pretty low output) I have to crank the gain quite a bit and the
noise is pretty bad.

I seem to recall reading that you have to be careful as there is a US122
and a US122L and they are VERY different beasts which should not be

Hope this helps.


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