[LAU] Card advice: M-aud. Fasttrack vs. Rol. UA25EX vs. ?

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Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 5:45 pm

Hi all,

I'm in the market for a USB audio interface and I thought I'd come to
the well for advice.

Right now, the main two contenders in the race, because they're
available at my local music shop, are M-Audio Fasttrack Pro and
Roland/Edirol/cakewalk (they keep rebranding it, I think) UA25EX.
Because I've seen them come up on this list, I know they work fairly
well with Linux, but I was wondering which you would recommend, or if
there is another major contender I should know about.

My needs:
- Works near flawlessly with Linux!
- 2 channels in / Stereo out
- reliable 24bit/48khz with "decent" preamps/converters
- Integrated Midi would be nice, but isn't absolutely necessary
- Phantom power on at least one input.
- $150-250 price range

The UA25EX is slightly more expensive than the M-audio, is it worth it?

Also, until recently, the Tascam US122L was in the race, but I found out
that the "MkII" is no longer class-compliant: can someone confirm this?

All advice welcome.

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