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Date: Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 6:40 pm


I'm a bit late into the discussion. I've used a N900 for a year now and are
quite happy with it. The N900 seems more like a small computer with a phone
app. It's laggy at times and it needs a reboot now and then (about once every
month). But for me and my colleagues it's the only thing that could be used in
our company (we do a lot programming and managing of servers round the world).
We use IRC extensively in our work and Xchat works perfectly on N900. The
browser isn't that good but it works. Opera is there if you like that. The
media player doesn't do all the videos out there but I use mplayer for those
that can't be played. The real culprit of the device is actually the office
stuff. The calender is awful and there is actually nothing to else to use. If
you use google-stuff it might work for you but our company can't hand over our
internal stuff to Big Colorful Company. Most messaging is going on with dbus
so you can do a lot of small stuff yourself. Wifi works great. In fact. It's
way better than my Lenovo T500 wifi. Skype is not that good on it. No video
with others than other N900. You can't get Spotify other than poorly
implemented stuff from 3rd partys. But, as you probably already know I use a
lot xterm. That's sooooo goooood on this device. Theres a lot more to say
about this phone but I'll stop with "top". Very nice :)

Oh. Some one said it had very few apps and that's true, as far as the
comparison with iOS and Android look-a-like-apps. But as we use the command
line a lot I think that N900 runs circles around other phones in that app-
respect. If I wanted a small phone with useful AND lot of useless (bit of an
ice berg there. seems like 10% useful and 90% useless) apps with GUI I'd go
for a iphone or android. Otherwise I'd buy a N900, or wait for the Nokia N9,
hopefully having Meego.


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