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Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 7:19 am

On Wed Sep 29 16:11 , "Patrick Shirkey" sent:


I've used Jamin a number of times for self-mastering releases, including a vinyl
release in 2009. While I would prefer to go to a professional mastering agency my
return from music currently doesn't justify it (it doesn't even pay my ardour
subscription :) ).. . The labels I've submitted too were more happy with the
mastering quality (probably happier than I was .. although the problem is my
skill level not the software quality).

Jamin does a very good job, I can't see any reason to change it.

As for resources, I have got in the habit of not rendering my final mix-down to
stereo and then mastering, but simply inserting Jamin into the main output of
Ardour.. this allows for any adjustments to be made at the mix level (e.g. a
channel being too loud)... without going through the process of rendering again..

On a AMD Phenom II X3 720 OC'd to ~3.5 GHZ.. I have not exceeded resource limits
on 24 channel (48KHz 32 bit broadcast wav)... with numerous plugins, including
some of the more complex ones then going through JACK while retaining a 128
period and 3 buffer setting on jackd - remembering that everything inside Jack is
in on one processor core... (with the other cores simply providing smooth X11
rendering e.t.c..) ..

It's not a eeepc but it is just an average spec PC.. (with some high quality parts).

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