[LAU] disabling jack plugin autoconnect or autoconnect in itself

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Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - 8:26 pm


I'm trying to setup a system where alsa app is outputting its channels
to jack. Problem is that it seems that the example code always auto
connects the outputs to physical ports through jack, which is not what I
would want, especially as the app has more outputs than my soundcard
does. I would only want the output ports to appear to jack and then I
could patch them with patch bay. Is there some way to accomplish this.

Another question, which handles the same problem. Is there any way to
have similar kind of functionability as patch bay does, but to the
reverse direction. So if someone connects ports a and b, they would be
automatically disconnected. Which would solve my first problem and
problem with all auto connecting apps.


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