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Date: Saturday, July 3, 2010 - 7:30 am

david wrote:

>>> And here I thought jazz was dying because most of it is boring and

I like your opinions (especially the last sentence of your mail!).
What you write is essentially that any musician must be sincere in his
approach to the music he performs and must not try to mimic others.
Agreed. I wrote that also in another mail.
I didn't mean your remark as nonsense, I meant that I heard in general a
lot of nonsense about jazz.
Well, you had me fooled. Pop-singers - in my opinion - are pressed into
"voice-casts" to sound as much alike as possible, I agree when you talk
about others (classical, Jazz even folk).
That depends. Some bands like to sound exactly as others. You have in
America a competition for Glenn Miller Bands who try to sound like the
old Glenn Miller orchestra from the forties, using the original
arrangements. We sometimes also play these arrangements ('In the Mood'
is on of the most famous pieces) but your remark is right. They should
let you hear " the way they really play".
I'm curious to know where you studied the piano as in classical
education improvising is currently strictly forbidden (in contrast to
the practice 150 years ago). Did you followed lessons in jazz piano?
Yes, I do too.
I'm amazed you haven't heard from Coleman Hawkins. He was on of the
giant saxophone-players and played with many bands from the 50ies and
later. The same goes for Erroll Garner, a pianist from the 50ies with
his own very distinctive style (you can look him up on Youtube).
About this, although I'm retired I still get paid for performing,
moreover, I will not play if no financial reward (the amount is
irrelevant) is given as, simply stated, if people don't want to pay they
don't appreciate your music (exceptions are of course beneficial and
promotional performances).
I agree completely with that. What is called "The main stream" is a
cunning system of greedy people selling air to people with way to much
money and no erudition or taste whatsoever.
The tragic reality with that is that many really talented painters are
in the same position as many musicians.
We buy more or less regularly paintings from talented artists in Europe
(mainly the Netherlands) not needing the "explanation" thought of by a
skilled "art-specialist" who tries to speak and write with sentences
using many neologisms with the intention to let you feel a stupid
ignoramus when you don't understand the art he wants to sell.
Agreed. Jazz musicians are only people and narrow-mindedness is as
common as in other groups. The "you're not a musician" is one of the
most stupid remarks I know to say to a listener of course!
Heard that most recently three years ago, from a man, BTW, who is a very

What I wonder is how you think about classcial music where a performer
plays exactly the music that's written. If I understand you correctly
you think that not interesting (boring?) as the performer plays exactly
what the composer wrote. (I myself like it very much, visiting regularly
concerts, but will never perform in public although I play regularly for
myself, from Bach to Milhaud with much of the french impressionists in
To come back to the original topic: that music is not copyrighted any more.
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