Re: [LAU] OT Rant: When will people stop comparing Windows/Linux apps?

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Date: Monday, July 12, 2010 - 5:50 am

Arnold Krille wrote:

> I tell them about the alternatives, I smile at them when they talk about their

In an earlier life as a computer consultant, I used to do fixes on
Windows systems of various vintages. I don't do much of that at all
anymore. I'm starting to adopt the idea that a friend of mine uses when
Windows users ask him to fix their virus problem:

"I'll install Linux for you for free, or you can go to SuperGeeks and
pay them $120 to fix your Windows system."

He's gotten a LOT of takers, even including 80+year-olds who are now
happily browsing web and reading email using Linux.

> PS: I my future employer reads this: I don't hesitate to sell these people

Yah, I'm agnostic about that, too. I will still fix someone's Windows
problem, and really love expanding people's minds, even if it's about
how to do something in Word or Excel or even Powerpoint. A good teacher
can overcome any handicap! ;-)

Fortunately for me, my employer has a whole department full of people
who go around fixing problems with the corporate Windows PCs and
servers. Well, they still haven't fixed the problem on my company
laptop, where the Windows update process just hangs saying that it's
"Preparing to install" a list of security update that it has already
installed, but I don't have to wrestle with that kind of stuff now!

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