Re: [LAU] OT Rant: When will people stop comparing Windows/Linux apps?

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Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010 - 6:35 pm

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On Sunday 11 July 2010 13:51:39 Andrew C wrote:


My experience is that these people are not used to solve problems. They onl=
know how to use a certain tool. They will even buff out when you switch the=
ms-word for openoffice-writer.
Take away their tool and they are like a turtle on its back.

Kind of like a smith who can only work when he uses that hammer-from-[tm] a=
is fu**ed up when presented with a hammer from an alternative manufacturer.

Interestingly enough these are exactly the same people that can't wait any=
second to install the newest version of win and office. Mostly because they=
it fixes some problems they have, would they check the release notes they w=
realize they are wrong. And they gladly spent hours to learn that the new=20
version isn't fixing their problems and has more new problems. And they spe=
even more hours to invent ways around these problems and are glad if they=20
found the most difficult way around the problems.

How to deal with these people?

I tell them about the alternatives, I smile at them when they talk about th=
problems (they always know that I don't have these kind of problems) and=20
otherwise I ignore them. Totally and completely. Its not worth my time to=20
listen to them talking about the strange faults and incompleteness they fou=
in ms' products.

Have fun,


PS: I my future employer reads this: I don't hesitate to sell these people=
either the newest version of their drugs. And I don't hesitate to sell them=
education regardless whether about ms or free software:-)

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