[LAU] The Drummer's 'G'igsaw: Upgrade + GUI for 'randomization'.

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Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 6:20 pm

Hi all,

(Sorry for cross-posting)

A new version of Le Puzzle du Batteur - The Drummer's 'G'igsaw is
available at:



- GUI for 'randomization':
You have to install Python 2.6.x from your Linux distribution with
an activated Tk flag, so you'll benefit from the GUI and randomization
In fact now it's possible for each note to choose a random value for
'timing' (timestamps) and/or for Volume (dynamics).
You'll find all details on the way to use this interface in pdf's

- To edit your file /home/.vimrc is no more mandatory.

- Apologies for the manual which is not totally translated yet.

All comments are welcome.

Have fun.


PS. Thanks to Gabriel M. Beddingfield to point me in the right direction
with Python and thanks to Brett Pershing Stahlman for his invaluable
advices when I wrote this GUI. He didn't make the job but his kindness
has always supported me all along the writing.
For the short story, following my search of a random function for vim,
Brett Stahlman sent me one of his own three months ago. Completely
amazed by his work, this unimaginable gift pushed me to go thoroughly
into my wishes, and bit a bit, I understood that it was possible to
realize this project using Python. And Brett has encouraged me to do it.
People have understood that my Python code is nothing in comparison of
Brett's code in vim, even if it didn't cover all parameters at that
time. I'll never know how to thanks him, I only have my mouth which
says: "Thanks to Brett." It's a SuperSir.
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