[LAU] Fwd: Roland(Edirol) Cakewalk UA-1G ALSA support

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Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010 - 1:10 pm

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From: Giuseppe Zompatori
Date: 2010/6/13
Subject: Re: [LAU] Roland(Edirol) Cakewalk UA-1G ALSA support
To: Ng Oon-Ee

2010/6/13 Ng Oon-Ee :

No, because of the following points:

* That's audio related.
* Clemens Ladish (often hacking on the usbaudio module) from ALSA also
follows this list.
* I am not currently subscribed to alsa-users.
* There have been an incredible number of posts that would have been
better suited to alsa-user (just take a look at this list's archives),
yet, you're only complaining about mine.
* Get off my yard ;)

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