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Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 1:45 pm

Hello Hart,

as I'm not blind, my remarks may be off, but I think, the Sony PCM-M10
that I recently bought can be used quite well without looking at it. All
major functions have direct buttons, the only time I have to go into the
menu while recording would be to switch on or off the highpass filter,
and even that is just one menu deep, if I remember correctly, and the
choice given is just on or off. The buttons have little touch indicators
to ease controlling the device without sight. Automatic level control
works great, but if you don't want that, it has a proper wheel to set
levels, not some button control where the display would be necessary.
Switching between auto and manual mode also is made with a proper
switch, so again no need to dive into menus.

Acutally it's not unusual that these kinds of devices are operated
without sight. For example, many people use them for "stealth recording"
of concerts for bootleg purposes, where the device is operated while in
a pocket. Add "stealth recording" to your internet search and you may
find specific recommendations for this. I would suggest to give it a
hands-on try.

I usually edit my recordings on a computer, so I'm not sure about the
rewind/recording capabilities. However maybe you don't need it, as the
Sony has so called "Track Marks" or T-marks. These are up to 98 marks
you can set while playing back a recording and they can be used for
quick navigation, but also to split tracks into single files. So to
remove commercials, just record everything, then later while listening
to a recording, add track marks at the beginning and end of a
commercial, split the track into single files and delete the files with
commercials. However: Doing this requires diving into menus, and I fear
it may not be easy or possible for blind users.

Olympus has similar devices, that I've never used, the L-10 and L-11. I
believe, they allow assigning certain functions to a special button,
maybe this would useful for blind users. But I've never used an Olympus
device, so better ask Olympus directly or some user of the L-10 or L-11.

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