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Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 1:29 am

This is quite a chalenge to explain in a subject-line.
In May I asked about simple editing software--and-now I am trying to replacing
recording News-programming on reel2reel tape, with either a handheld or
tabletop digital recorder. I have been to some music stores here in Southern
Cal, but many of these units have confusing button layouts. Also, since I am
totally blind, many units you must go in a complicated set of menus.
Another chalenge, most units seemingly will not let you rewind--and-resume
recording on top of commercials, since I want to edit them out.
Buttons on the Zoom H4n were not too bad--and-recording on SD cards will save
me lots of cash buying high-priced reel tapes, as well, I will get many more
hours of recording.
I am not a musician, but I would only be recording audio off-air.
I know Olympus makes some units for the blind which talk, but they are missing
features of other units on the market.
Obviously it will be helpful hearing audio as I rewind.
Can some1 please tell me if there are units out there which have a simple feel
like older recorders?
Thanks so much in advance
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