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Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 11:57 am

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 1:43 PM, James Warden wrote:

> - one can make a decent living out of music production

not at all.

> - it is desirable to make such a living

no, what the hell? it is desirable to do independent art full-time,
that's what it is. I don't care how the living is made!

> - ppl will support artistic efforts if only the artist can be convincing enough

that's a law of nature. you can't get free support and trust from
scratch. you need references. it applies to any kind of work.

> While point one is true in some cases, I am not sure it is a good thing in the long run as it fuels point 2, which will prevent a shift from the "capitalist" paradigm (shift that is sorely needed, but that's just my opinion, no need to jump on this as it is a vast and off-topic debate).

first misunderstand, then criticize for the misunderstanding!

> I would say that one can make a living doing whatever but considering the societal fundamentals we currently bathe in, I find it extremely hard to make music composition fit in. I personally gave up on the principle myself, too much stress and uncertainty regarding paying bills, etc. You either have to have jumped on the train 30 years ago or boost your ego to some insane extent in order to "make it" (cf. lady gaga for example). This is simply too crazy and I see no reason to emulate such a "success".

I just want to make an awesome album in the first place. What have we
gotten ourselves into here?

I added all the nice ideological bits because I thought saying "i love
to bang it" is not enough. I had no idea you guys would put on your
professor glasses and shred me to pieces for that!
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