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Date: Friday, May 7, 2010 - 11:19 am

I realise there were quite a lot of Macbooks at the LAC. I even used mine for
presentations but ran Linux on it part of the time. Due to the insane pressure
of organising the LAC while at the same time all lectures and most other tasks
had to continue I reluctantly stuck to OS-X most of the time in the past months
because reboots drove me crazy.
So sorry for that, but I'm going back to 99% Linux now.

Most of our staff and students use a Mac and OS-X, although more and more students
are adopting dual booting into Linux. We'll have to show them the advantages.
I know several students that were at the LAC are in for the change, so the LAC
certainly helped in creating awareness. We'll increasingly be incorporating Linux in the
curriculum from now on.

I quite like Apple's hardware though. So far I had quite a lot of trouble with
PCs for audio, mainly due to the noise produced by the mains adapters, which
seems to work its way right down to even firewire sound cards, which is
unacceptable for serious work. So what will be my next laptop ? Advice on
noiseless laptops is much appreciated.

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