[LAU] Campaign: "The most remarkable album on this entire planet"

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To: ML-LAU <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Monday, May 31, 2010 - 6:49 pm

Hi everyone,

perhaps you know me as "paniq". For 10 years, I'm releasing good and
free music on the web.

My wife and I, we are currently organizing an album project called
"The most remarkable album on this entire planet". Most likely
remarkable because it will sound awesome, maybe also because the album
is entirely funded by fans, but most importantly, because the album
will be completely made with free software, in this particular case:
Ubuntu Linux and the Linux Audio infrastructure.

We hope the album will always be remembered for showing that selling
copies isn't the only way to produce great work, and that the power of
free software can indeed outsmart commercial software. Furthermore,
our aim is to contribute to the treasure of free works, because we
believe that financial interests interfere with quality, truth and
honesty in art, and we wish to set an example.

Since our launch last week, we have raised 50% of the basic production
cost from our closest friends and fans, but we are not quite there
yet. To make donating more attractive, we have thrown in some rewards
such as early downloads, a final CD, access to video logs and being
added to the album's booklet.

We hope you'll like our idea and will support us, financially or
through telling your friends.

Sylvia & Leonard
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