Re: [LAU] Q: HOWTO: extract the beat times from an audio track

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To: Jeremy Henty <onepoint@...>
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Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 11:37 pm

On 05/30/2010 12:39 AM, Jeremy Henty wrote:

likely even more than one :)

Ardour has the "Rhythm Ferret" (Menu -> Window -> Rhythm Ferret) which
can split a track into pieces on Note or Percussive onset.

There's also an option to set the tempo-map (instead of splitting the
track) but I never go this to work.. AFAIK the RF is still work in progress.

To 'spit out' the times: I dunno if ardour can do that these days. But
you can always save the ardour session and extract the start-time of
each region with something alike this:

cat /path/to/session.ardour \
| grep " /tmp/beattimes.txt

Replace the 44100.0 with your sample-rate (48000?), 25 with your
video-fps. and "Audio 1" with the track-name.. In principle this could
be an awk one-liner; but the above is a bit more readable.. (-;


> Regards,

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