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To: Chip VanDan <chip.vandan@...>
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Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 10:29 pm

Hi Chip!
As I understand it, a nice channel vocoder would be OK for you. So you could
use a LADSPA plugin, I blieve there is a vocoder, or youcould use csound,
which also relates well to JACK and there is a vocoder udo (kind of more
complex preprogrammed workmodule.
I belive you could make mbrola sing. But with synthesizers like mbrola and
festival, the problem is the terms of use for the voices you get. But for
festival there should be at least two or three free English ones. Festival is
highly programmable. You can ask it to use an external soundplayer, so youcan
use something, that works with JACK. But it's not very realtime. I tried and
results were mixed.
Good thing about Festival: It's based upon a lot of scheme configuration
files, controlling every aspect of the software. So you can manipulate it to
your liking. Bad thing: You need to understand what to do, where to do it and
how to properly write the scheming language. :-(
Kindly yours

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