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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 5:37 pm

I read the header file, convert it to hex and comment it here
The comments came from reading
After reading your replies and the page I understood a little better
about the problem.

> From: Erik de Castro Lopo

Im curious, why does wave format need to store the chunk size, does it
have any advantages?

> Any of W64, RF64 and CAF (all supported by libsndfile) would be fine.

In what way does meta data would be useful? Does it keep the
samplerate, and all the technical stuff,
or is it to keep other kinds of information?

> As for salvaging this file, give me a day or two and I'll write a

Wow, I'm very grateful for you spending your time helping me and
answering my questions. Thank you very much.

> Erik

> From: Rick Green

Could you elaborate in what way does not being able to store meta data
a feature? Is meta data harmful or bring any trouble?


I think that .au also has a very simple header.
Do I need to add a .au header? Can sox add the header automatically?
What is a good way to create it manually?

The thing that confuses me is the endianness of the data.
Wave is little endian, while this page
says that AU is big-endian, or is it just the header?
Altough on the bottom of the page it says that the data is stored in
little endian.

So, is it enough to copy the data using dd (minus the header), and add
a header file manually?


I tried splitting the file and reading it using sox and it says it
can't find Sun/NeXT/DEC identifier.
I guess I should add a header myself?


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