Re: [LAU] digital voodoo: master fader should be set at 0db

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Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 8:11 pm

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On Wednesday 14 April 2010 21:40:08 Kim Cascone wrote:

You are mixing something up here.

If machines can't measure it, it doesn't exist (at least to Ken)[*]. Does t=
doesn't mean that if your 0.50=E2=82=AC mic can't record anything from mosq=
making out, they don't exist?
No, it means that if no mic in the world can record the mosquitos, they don=
make any sound.

The human reception is different then machines reception (not just the non-
linearity!). But it isn't able to detect anything machines can't. Your ears=
are worse then any half-decent microphone regarding SNR and frequency-range=
Your eyes are worse then microscopes, telescopes and slower then fast camer=
Your nose is a lot worse in detecting smells then any mass-spectrometer is.
What makes the human different (some call it superior) is combining this=20
sensory input not only into facts but also into feelings. And it can combin=
thoughts to create new ideas much better then machines combine their input =
even foresee the future, let alone transfer knowledge of one thing onto=20
predicting behaviour of some other thing.
Of course there are legions of scientists and nerds working on making machi=
better in these parts too.

Going into psychoacoustics is not really contradicting the "machines can't=
measure it, still it exists". Machines can measure the frequencies the huma=
ear can't hear but which still have an effect how we perceive the sound. On=
the effects aren't looked into as deep as the frequencies below 20kHz are. =
the result that most scientific research wasn't able to give reliable resul=
Which in turn makes most audio people discard frequencies >22kHz light-
heartedly. And they are right as the scientific (thus neutral) proof of the=
effect of the frequencies below 22kHz is _much_ greater then above. That=20
doesn't deny the psycho-acoustic effects, it only ignores them for the sake=
bandwidth, reliability and cost...

Have fun,


[*] Might also be that today's machines aren't good enough. Just compare th=
knowledge about the atom of today with that of 250 years ago...

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