Re: [LAU] Descent synth as dssi

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To: Jeremy <jeremy@...>
Cc: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Saturday, March 6, 2010 - 10:25 am

> Or the CALF Organ.=0A> =0A=0AI find all three whysynth, yoshimi and calf =
wonderful synths.=0A=0AAttached are a couple of very slow Pad-type patches =
for calf organ that I made some time ago. It really has a warm and rich sou=
nd going way beyond organ type sounds. =0AIMO they sound best if you add a =
little reverb ladspa behind. =0AHope you guys find them useful. You'll need=
to extract the archive and append that xml to your ~/.calfpresets file (or=
create that file if you don't have it yet. =0A=0ARegards=0AFrank=0A=0A=0A =

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