[LAU] M-Audio card in Ubuntu 10.04, also QJackCtl

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To: LAU <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Friday, March 26, 2010 - 5:09 am

Due to my motherboard choice, it turns out I need to use a bleeding edge
linux, in my case Ubuntu 10.04 beta.

Anyone else using this? In the sound preferences control panel, on the
hardware tab, when I select ICE1712 (what the M-Audio 2496 shows up as),
in the settings dropdown, I only see digital outputs and inputs. The
HDA device lets me select something line "Analog Stereo Duplux", but
nothing analog shows up for the M-Audio card. Does anyone know how to
make more options appear hear?

In another machine, still running ubuntu 9.10, I have another M-Audio
card, and it gives me a full range of options including both Analog
Stereo Duplex and Digital Stereo Duplex.l That card seems to be CM8738
based though.

I may be getting side tracked here from what I really want though. What
I really want is to use the M-Audio card with Jack, while still having
pulseaudio running on the onboard sound so that I can have both nice
audio applications and Flash outputting at the same time (albeit to
seperate channels on the mixing board). I see in QJackCtl that I can
select the alsa device to use, but it still shuts down pulseaudio
globally when I select the second card. And still for some reason the
second card doesn't want to work correctly here. When I had this card
in a prior 8.04 system, I disabled the onboard sound and didn't try this
dual output trick, but otherwise everything worked auto-magically.
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