Re: [LAU] LAU] 5.1 to ambisonices (was: more than 4 channels for listening? Really?)

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Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 10:10 pm

[Arnold Krille wrote:

The alternative to having multiple virtual
speakers fed with the same signal is to spread
a single channel out. You split the channel
into a range of frequencies, and then place
each frequency at a different position. This
was a technique used on the old analogue
Ambisonics studio kit.

The same idea is used in the PS22 Stereo
Maker plug-in from Waves Audio although, in
this case, it is being used to spread a
single channel into stereo. The screenshot on
Page 21 of their manual should give you the
idea, visit:

It should also be straightforward to extend the
technique to 3-D using an elliptical spiral.

Martin J Leese
E-mail: martin.leese
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