[LAU] Syncing seq24 with Ardour (or vice-versa) and bpm adjust

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Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010 - 7:02 pm


What I'd like to do is basically simple. Have a click track in one
seq24 pattern, start it, and record accoustic guitar in Ardour. Then
have seq24 ready for some MIDI input (using any sequence length),
and press play in Ardour to hear the accosutic guitar, the click track
being played by seq24, and input MIDI notes into seq24. Repeat, rinse,
add many seq24 sequences and Ardour tracks.

So I'm setting Ardour for jack transport and master. seq24 options
are jack transport, master conditional and live mode. Who adjusts the
bpm ? Changing the bpm in seq24 does nothing as it stays at 120. I
haven't found a bpm option in Ardour (always shows 120) nor in qjackctl
(same, always 120).

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