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Date: Monday, March 1, 2010 - 8:46 am

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On Sunday 28 February 2010 21:03:48 J=F6rn Nettingsmeier wrote:


That is the simpliest solution. But simply using the channels (after ambdec=
assumes your ambisonics speakers are at the positions 5.1 expects.
Doing so with panning-to-amb sets you free from that and even allows you to=
rotate the set-up.
In that faust dsp file I also added a separate volume control for the cente=
channel, I found a 1:1 mix of that is to heavy.

The interesting part starts when you try to improve the sound within reason=
And thats where you use the rear-channels (which are normally used for ambi=
in the movie) to create an ambient-half-sphere around you...

BTW: What to do with the LFE-channel? Add a lowpass and mix it directly on=
'W'? Or ignore it altogether as all the other channels are full-range alrea=

> if you want to get rid of the hole in the panning (to the rear), you are

Hm, allpass-filters are something I haven't yet looked at at all. Will do s=
Currently I created six sources in the rear derived from the two rear-chann=
of 5.1. Maybe I will also play with a bit of delay there to widen the space=

Next time I will post a compilable project instead of the single faust file=
Should make it easier for most people:-)

Have fun,


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